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The Latest from Our Blog

In With the New

August is one of the best months in travel for travel agents.  August is when we open our front doors to discover boxes of new brochures full of exciting itineraries and enticing ideas for the upcoming year.

August 25, 2016 is the 100 year anniversary of our National Park system.  Most of the travel suppliers we use have created fantastic opportunities for us to celebrate this outstanding national achievement.

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The Dominican Republic can be Delightful

You know how your kids never think you are cool or interesting?  Well my daughter told me my articles the past two weeks have been like a PowerPoint history lesson (it wasn’t a compliment), so I’m going for something different in this one.

As you may know most of my agents went along with me to the Dominican Republic the last week of July to tour resorts there.  We stayed eight days and saw everything we wanted to see and more.

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Understanding travel pricing

Have you ever sat on a plane next to someone who paid considerably less (or more) than you did for your ticket? 

What about a trip?  Have you scored a fabulous deal while your friends had to max out their credit cards because they decided to wait a few weeks before committing to go with you?

Travel pricing is a convoluted mess, but I’m feeling brave today and am going to try to explain it.

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USA occupies the Dominican Republic

Earlier I told you a few fascinating tidbits I learned about Christopher Columbus and the Dominican Republic.  Our historian Miguel divulged a few other interesting facts during our tour that completely astounded me.  For instance, that the U.S. Military had occupied his country not once, but twice, during the 1900’s.

It all began back in 1911 when a group of rebels attacked President Caceres of the Dominican Republic and killed him.  

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