Spring Break and Documentation Tips

Posted by: Joy Gawf-Crutchfield on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 3:00:00 pm

Spring Break and Documentation Tips

Every year it’s always the same. By March we all have cabin fever and want some sun, warm weather and warm water. The problem is, so does everyone else.

If Spring Break travel is on your radar, there are a few things you need to consider.

Spring Break is one of the most expensive times of year to travel, second only to Christmas. Travel is a supply and demand business, Spring Break travel is super high demand.

The earlier you can get a reservation under deposit the better the price, schedule, and availability. Take a look at your school calendar today and if you want to go on a Spring Break trip get that booked as quickly as you possibly can. Spring Break travel pricing is literally going up every day.

Spring Break crowds are looking for cheap prices with massive quantities of free alcohol. They could not care less about quality food, a spa, or great service. The minute you select a more sophisticated resort, you leave them behind with the maddening crowd.

Adult only resorts (unless they are specifically for “swingers”) do not experience Spring Break crowds. If it’s a “couples” vacation, stick with adult only resorts and you’ll be fine.

Spring Break and Documentation Tips for MilllennialsIf you want to take the kids there are great family friendly resorts that can be a “party free” zone if you know what you’re doing, and when these are booked by mid- September they can be quite budget friendly as well.

There are some terrific family friendly resorts as close as Mexico and the Caribbean that would be perfect for Spring Break. They are located on private stretches of beach and would be protected from crazy teenagers.

Of course no matter how early you book and what great pricing you luck into, you are going to experience massive crowds, especially at the airports. Be early, be patient, be prepared.

That brings me to my next topic of information, appropriate travel documents.

In case you didn’t know it, there are two types of passports. One is a card, useless for air travel, the other is a book. The passport BOOK is the only form of U.S. passport that will allow you to travel via air to any foreign destination.

While you can legally cruise to Mexico on the passport card, allow me to tell you why you shouldn’t. If you cruise on the card, and anything goes wrong during your trip, you will not be allowed to board a plane and come home.

Spring Break and Documentation Tips KidsA few years ago a lovely customer was cruising for a full week on the card. Her father passed away on day two of her cruise. I could not get her on a flight back to Tulsa from Cozumel because she was traveling on the passport card, rather than the book. Spend a few extra dollars and get the book.

Even when you are cruising to Alaska I recommend you travel with a passport book. Again, if anything unexpected happens and you need to fly home from a Canadian airport, you can’t without the passport book.

Always arrive with extra time at the airport, but especially during high travel seasons. Overbooking in the travel industry can be as high as 20%. You want to check in online before your trip, and check in early at the airport.

On any trip at least one thing isn’t going to go exactly as planned. Be patient, be polite, and be positive. Doug and I have traveled several times over Spring Break and had wonderful experiences. So can you with these Spring Break and documentation tips.

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